Prior to being created and incorporated as a separate town in 1850 (named after Governor Thomas H. Seymour), Humphreysville was made a borough of Derby in 1836. However, prior to David Humphreys setting up his woolen mill at the Falls (still being Derby at the time), the area was known as Chusetown, being named for Sachem Chusamack Mauwehu who was the son of Gideon Mauwehu, a Paugussett chief with Pequot lineage, according to J.W. DeForest (1851). Chusamack (Chuse) was educated in the English household of Agar Tomlison, but later chose to live among his Paugussett people after being brought up in the English manner. Chuse settled at the Falls at a place that was known as Wesquantuck before any other. Wesquantuck, Chusetown, Humphreysville, and Seymour are all the historic names of this area.

- D.L. Bosques


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